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Winx-ified is a page showing you ways you can Winx-fy your computer, bedroom and more! Please enjoy the info and pictures below!

Winx-ify Your Bedroom!
Give your bedroom a Winx-y flair to it!
#1. Fluttering Fairies
This is a neat idea that I made up a while back, that I would like to share with you guys!
First, print up some pictures of the Winx in their Enchantix (or any other form - but Enchantix gives the best effect!). You can surf my site for images you like, or use the picture I put together below!

After that, cut out each of the fairies. Next, cut six pieces of thread (as shown below. Light colors work best.) each about a foot long.

Lastly, tape the thread to each of the fairies, tape it to your ceiling and voila! You have fairies fluttering around in your own room!

#2. Winxie Wallies
These are fun - and super easy to do!
First, surf my site for some cool Winx Club pictures that you would like to put on your wall - and then (after saving them to your hardrive) bring them up on Paint or Photoshop to make them the size that you want - and afterwards, print them. Once on paper, cut out the image, either leaving no white left on the edges, or making the Wallie more like a sticker and leaving white edges around it. Next, use some tape to stick around the edges of the picture (preferabley an only slightly sticky kind, since super sticky tape tends to peel off the paint of your walls when removed.) and then stick it o your wall! You can do this for other pictures you find on the internet as well, such as flowers or butterflies - which will go great with your fairies!

Winx-ify Your Style!
Not only can you Winx-ify your bedroom, but your wardrobe as well!
#1. Winx T-Shirts
First go to a local Wal-mart or Hobby Lobby and pick up a white T-shirt. (At Wal-mart, you can find these in the craft isle in the Tye Dye section!)
Next, pick up some T-Shirt transfers as shown below.

Using these instead of paper, print up some cool Winx Club images and iron them onto your blank T-shirt!
#2. Winx Style
Something that I like to do when I shop, is look for Winx-ish clothing - only in a modest version. Once, I found a blue striped T-shirt with a heart on it, and a layered skirt almost EXACTLY like Bloom's Season 2 outfit - except it was a full length shirt! Added to that, I already had some blue knee-high socks at home. It's a lot of fun to try to put together outfits like that! Just remember, Winx Club is a cartoon and because of that, they can wear short skirts and mid-riff revealing tops. In real life, you need to be modest - so please do not take this to mean that I think it's okay to dress that way. All I mean is, you can take their style and modify it so that it is less revealing, and more your style.

Winx-ify Your Computer!
Now you can be greeted by the Winx every time your turn on your computer!
#1. Backgrounds
Of course, the most basic - and the most fun thing to do to your computer is add a wallpaper. For us Winx fans, we like Winx Club themed backgrounds! You can either get a wallper from my site (www.angelaswinxworld.com/wallpapers) or search on Google or Bing for Winx Club Wallpapers. Although, my personal favorite way to get a background is to make one! You can use just about any photo-editer, but Photoshop works the best. (If you do not have Photoshop - but would like it, I found a FREE download to Gimp - which is a LOT like Photoshop, only set up differently.) To give you ideas, here is a background I made!

#2. Cursors
Another awesome trick you can do to your computer is get a custom cursor! You can make your very own cursor at this link! Once you have created your cursor and saved it, go to the "Control Panel" on your computer, click "hardware and sound", then "Mouse" (Under "Devices and Printers") and lastly, "Pointers". From there, you can browse your computer to find your cursor(s)!
#3. Personas
Something awesome that I discovered not long ago is this new thing called Personas. Personas are custom pictures that you can put on the top of your screen around your address bar. I actually made a couple of Winx Club Personas which you can click to see at my gallery. Or you can browse other Winx Club personas here. Below is an example of a Persona.

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