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Headmistress Faragonda:
The fair and very kind headmistress of Alfea. She teaches the students Convergence.

Assistant Principal Griselda:
The assistant principal of Alfea. Not the friendliest teacher around, but she is an excellent teacher of defensive spells.

Professor Palladium:
The teacher of Potionology. In the first season he is extremely nervous and easy-going, but becomes a better teacher at the second season.

Professor Wizgiz:
A leprechaun and teacher of Metamorphosimbiosis, the changing of forms. He is very hyper and rather silly.

The head librarian of Alfea.

Professor DuFour:
Another school librarian.
Professor Avalon:
Introduced in the second season; the Paladin, Avalon teaches Magiphilosophy, magic and philosophy in one!
The Pixie, gaurdian of Alfea's Codex.

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