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Here are the Winx Club episodes of season 1 (4Kids AND Rai)! 4Kids Uploaded by Ladydreamz112, and Rai by A HREF="http://www.youtube.com/user/Magix1997">Magix1997; double-click to watch in full screen. Enjoy!!

Episode 1; It Feels Like Magic/An Unexpected Event

Episode 2; More Than Highschool/Welcome to Magix

Episode 3; Save The First Dance/Alfea College for Fairies

Episode 4; The Voice of Nature/The Black Mud Swamp

Episode 5; Date With Disaster/Date With Disaster

Episode 6; Secret Gaurdian/Mission at Cloud Tower

Episode 7; Grounded/Friends in Need

Episode 8; The Day of the Rose/A Friendship Sundered

Episode 9; Spelled/Betrayed

Episode 10; Magical Reality Check/Bloom Tested

Episode 11; Junior League/The Monster and the Willow

Episode 12; Miss Magix/Miss Magix

Episode 13; Meant to Be/A Great Secret Revealed

Episode 14; Witch Trap/Bloom's Dark Secret

Episode 15; Pushing the Envelope/Honour Above All

Episode 16; The Nightmare Monster/Cold Spell

Episode 17; Royal Heartbreak/Secrets Within Secrets

Episode 18; Senior Witches Go to Earth/The Font of Dragon Fire

Episode 19; The Army of Decay/The Fall of Magix

Episode 20; Sparks of Hope/Mission to Domino

Episode 21; The Frozen Palace/The Crown of Dreams

Episode 22; Mission to Cloud Tower/Storming Cloud Tower
Coming Soon

Episode 23; The Search for the Flame/Power Play
Coming Soon

Episode 24; Battle for Alfea/The Witches' Siege
Coming Soon

Episode 25; The Great Witch Invasion/The Ultimate Challenge
Coming Soon

Episode 26; Fire and Ice/The Witches' Downfall
Coming Soon
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