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Please do not take these from my site! They are my drawings and I want you all to enjoy them at home - but not to spread them around. :) Feel free to link to them though - which I would greatly appreciate!

After saving the paper dolls to your hardrive, bring them up on Microsoft Paint and print them up. Cut out the dolls as you would any normal paperdolls - except for the hair. The hair must be done a certain way in order for it to work right. First, cut out the basic shape of the hair (including the inner part that says "cut"). Next, check to see if the hair has a white line on it anywhere. If there is, be sure to snip that area - it will be a slit for crowns and other hair accessories. After that, cut along the bangs. (For example, Stella has stray hair coming over her shoulders - you should cut that from the rest of the hair - but be careful not to detach it!) This hair will be pulled in front of the doll - while the fuller part goes behind. One more thing to note is that there are white lines on the Winx outfits as well. Snip these and you will be able to attach their Charmixes!

Make your paperdoll FUN!
1. If tabs are a nuisance to you, and you are willing to spend a little money; go to Office Depot or Staples or any other reliable office store and look for plastic laminate (a roll costs about $16.) Next, head over to a nice craft store such as Hobby Lobby and buy sitcky dots. Once you have the supplies together, stick the plastic laminate on the front and back of your paperdolls and clothes. Now, you can use the sticky dots to stick the clothes onto the doll without damaging the paper! Not only do the clothes stay on better - but you don't have to fuss over annoying tabs!
2. Apply glitter to your paper doll's fairy outfits and wings - or any other outift you want! (Glitter glue works great!)
3. Are you a color-er? If so, you can print up your paper dolls and clothes in black-and-white and color them yourself - and make up new colors if you want!
4. Maybe your Mom doesn't like you using up all of the printer's ink. Well, what you can do is print your paper doll set in draft and enhance the colors with crayons, colored pencils, markers or water colors.
5. Wanna make your own clothes?? Put your paper doll on a glass table and put a flashlight underneath and turn in on. (If you don't have a glass table, just put your doll on the window during the day.) Next, put a blank sheet of paper over your paper doll. (You will be able to see right through the paper!) Then draw the clothes "on" her. Not only that, you can even create your own paper dolls the same way!

This awesome idea; courtesty of Elise!
Material: cardboard, computer, Office Word, glue, scissors, paper, printer and ink in the printer

Instructions: First, on your website, pick out your favorite Winx Club picture that is full (head to toe). Second, copy that favorite picture and open Office Word on your computer. Paste the picture on Office Word. Make it as big as you want to be. Just make sure the printer doesnít cut it off. Next, print in. After printing, get your scissors and shadow cut the picture (you donít have to but it would be cleaner if you did shadow cut the picture). Next, glue the picture to your cardboard. After gluing, let dry (if you want). Then, cut the cardboard-picture out. This is a great way to make your own Winx Club fun.

This fun idea is courtesy of Cristi!
Materials: computer, the dollmaker site listed below, printer, color ink in the printer, the printer, plain paper, stick glue

1. Copy&Paste this link: http://winxkledingkast.webs.com/Dollmaker.htm

2. Go to Microsoft Paint, then copy and paste the images you want. (Example:If I wanted to do a Musa Enchantix Paperdoll, I would copy all the Musa Enchantix pictures.)

3. Save it in My Pictures, after you copied all the pics that you want.

4. Right-Click the icon that shows your paperdoll, and choose 'Print' option.

5. Next, choose the size you want your doll to be.

6. Then, click 'Next' and wait until your doll comes out the printer.

7. Cut the clothes,the wings,and the "base".

8. Put the clothes on the doll.

9. Swap clothes and mix&match. HAVE FUN!!

Thanks a ton to Emily P for these edited paperdolls! As a lot of us agree, many of the Winx's outfits are a bit on the immodest side, so thanks so Emily - we can dress them up in modest versions of their classic clothes! ^^

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