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The Winx Club are a Club of fashion-loving fairies that go to Alfea,
school for fairies.
In season 1 there are 5 members of the club, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa and Tecna. In this season their fairy transformation is called Winx
In season 2 a new member joins the club. Layla (Aisha in Italy-which is where Winx Club was made.) Their powers then advance to Charmix.
In season 3, there are no new members but stronger bonds of friendship. Their fairy stage becomes, Enchantix.
In season 4, the Winx meet 'The Last Faerie on Earth' named Roxy, of whom it is uncomfirmed whether she is a Winx or not. During this season, the girls earn their Believix, as well as the side transformations Zoomix, Speedix, Tracix, Lovix and Sophix.
Season 1
Magic Winx
The First stage of the girl's fairy form - Magic Winx. Winx is the power any faerie has inside them that they are born with.

Season 2
The second stage of the girl's fairy form. They get a cute little bag that matches their personality or power, and then a little charm on their top. It is earned by showing your true inner self or by really believing in yourself and showing a great deal of confidence in yourself, or your friends.

Season 3
This is the third stage of the girl's fairy form. Their wings become big, glittery and glamerous and also contain little bottles of faerie dust, used for healing and other magical uses. Enchantix is earned when you risk your life for someone who is from your planet. An exception from this rule is by meditating and unlocking the power yourself. It's apparently very difficult, and Bloom is possibly the only one to have achieved it this way, being forced to do so since no one that she could find was still living on her planet.

Season 4
Believix is apparently some sort of add-on the Enchantix. Enchantix (according the the Headmistress of Alfea, Faragonda) is the final faerie stage, yet the Winx go above and beyond this by unlocking Believix. To earn this somewhat simple transformation, the girls must get people on earth (or anywhere without faeries!) to believe in them. In addition, once they have acheived their Believix, they can eventually unlock Zoomix (teleportation powers/wings), Tracix (looks into past events powers/wings) and Speedix (the speed powers/wings). In the same season, the girls are granted two more extra-transformations that branch from Believix; Sophix (the power to unite with nature) and Lovix (ice powers).

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Winx Power Show

Rock 'n Roll

Winx Club Movie
Secret of the Lost Kingdom

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