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This is basically "My Page" of my Winx stuff and info.
Meet my OC, Angie!
PLEASE NOTE: I came up with the power of animals BEFORE Roxy came along. I am not being a copycat. XD ALSO NOTE: The character Angie is partially based on yours truly! ^_^ Name: Angie
Power: Animals
Abilities: Able to summon animals, communicate with them, shape shift, and even go in between the stages of animal and fairy. She chooses the silver fox as her signature animal, not only because they are awesome (XD), but also because of their sharp hearing.
Origin: Alisena
Favourite Colours: Indigo
Favourite Colour(s) to Wear: Black, and some Pink
Fashion Style: Skater/Tomboy
Favourite Food: Pizza and Chocolate!
Favourite Animals: Dogs and Reptiles
Best Friends: Lapillus; Fairy of Stones and Gems; Stella; Fairy of the Sun and Moon
Boyfriend: Doesn't need one to be happy.
Parents: James and Marie
Enemy: Sliva, the Witch of metals (particularly silver)
Bonded Pixie: Fabrica; Pixie of Art
Pets: Spaz the Pixie Pet Iguana and Emmie the Flat-Coated-Retriever
Interests: Animals, Skateboarding, Art, Computers, Music, Family, Friends
Personality: Very Creative, Animal-Loving, Shy, Affectionate - but has a tough side, Wary of strangers
About: Angie is a bit of a tomboy, who loves to skateboard, listen to rock music, climb trees, and who hates to wear dresses. She's really a bit of a loner as well, but will warm up to anyone who comes and talks to her. She loves her friends and family, and all who are close to her, but always has to have her alone time too.
Story: Angie was born on the planet, Alisena where animals and humans live together in harmony. On Alisena, fairies were virtually unknown - until her mother Marie - who was from the realm of Jewlaria traveled to Alisena on a mission to find a lost Gem. There, she met and fell in love with the non-magic, James. Together they found the Gem, a little baby with curly brown hair and big blue eyes. The baby belonged to Roxanne, the Queen of Jewlaria - who was very ill at the time. Marie returned with James to Jewlaria only to find Roxanne near death. Queen Roxanne (being Marie's foster mother) gave Marie and James (who had become engaged during their journey) her blessing and asked them to keep her Gem. Before she died, Roxanne named her Lapillus - meaning Precious Stone.
After becoming married, James and Marie had Angie. Lapillus, being two years old at the time loved having a little sister! The two grew up together literally becoming sisters as well as best friends. Together, they discovered one another's powers, first Lapillus' power of gems and stones. Later, Angie developed a deep love for the animals around her. That was when her parents knew, combining Marie's magic and James' love for animals combined into the unique power of animals.
Once Lapillus turned sixteen, she left for Alfea, leaving Angie (fourteen) behind, heart-broken. After her sister (and best friend) left; her parents bought her a dog - whom she named Emmie. She went on many adventures with her new pet and was delighted when her sister came home for vacations and told her stories of her exctinging year at Alfea.
Angie became determined to go to Alfea herself when she became sixteen; and that is what she did. There, she met and joined the Winx Club, becoming very close withe all of them; especially Stella. Later, she met and became very good friends with Johnathon, a specialist from Red Fountain; as well as making enemies with Silva, a witch from Cloud Tower. She later became bonded with the pixe Fabrica; pixie of Art - who brought the creative flair out in Angie.
With the Winx Club, she earned all of her transformations, Winx, Charmix and Enchantix and later, Believix (and the other wings), Lovix and Sophix.

Winx Club Angie by ~Wlnxgirl360 on deviantART

Angie Enchantix by ~Wlnxgirl360 on deviantART

Here is my first ever version of Angie that I made a few years ago!

Second time, a while later.

My third version!

This is my forth try from about two years ago.

Here are my designs from 2010!

Here are graphics of the 2010 Angie.

Here are graphics of the 2009 Angie. (:

Here is a sketch and complete picture of Nebula.

Here is a Roxy Sketch did. :)

Here is my first computer graphic of Angie. It was just a little drawing I did when I was bored. It's not very good at all. :P

You have got to see these pictures! They are my first two Winx computer graphics. I have gotten a lot better, don't you think? LOL

These are a couple of craft-ish Roxy pictures I did. The first one was a summer themed picture for a contest I entered, while the second was a collage I was GOING to enter on the official site's contest - but I was too late. :(

Here are some drawings of me and my friends in Winx style! :D

This is my very first Winx Club drawing ever! (Don't make fun of me! This was back in 2006 - when I first found out about the show! xD)

Check out how much Angie has improved over the years!!

Angie Winx over the years by ~Wlnxgirl360 on deviantART
Angie Enchantix over the years by ~Wlnxgirl360 on deviantART A while back, I bought these adorable dolls from the first season! (Except Layla - she's from the Charmix line). I LOVED these dolls so much so I made them this special bag. On the front, there is a pocket for "Accesories", on the back there is a pocket for "Fashions". Now, this bag is actually reverable. On the inside, there is a personalized pocket for each of the Winx! This bag zips shut on the top and also zips shot on the front and back pockets. It took me a while to make it - but it was worth it. Now my dolls are safe and sound in this heavy-duty bag! :D

Here are some pictures of my beautiful dolls! ^_^
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