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I drew a picture for Devi's art contest and won! Here was my prize!

Thanks so much to you guys who sent me gifts! You have no idea how much it means to me. ^_^ Love ya'll!!

These gorgeous banners are thanks to my friend Kica!

This amazing banner and gorgeous wallpaper are thanks to Kawaii as a Divina! :D

A Header for Angela by ~KawaiiasaDivina on deviantART
Angie + Roxy animal power by ~KawaiiasaDivina on deviantART

Thanks so much to Timeja for this incredible banner!

Angela's site logo 2 fan-made by ~WinxSparkle on deviantART

These beautiful avatars of my OCs are courtesy of my friend Winx Think Pink at DA! :)

Clementine Avatar by ~WinxThinkPink on deviantART
Angie Avatar by ~WinxThinkPink on deviantART

Thank you so much for the birthday presents, you guys! Made it that much more special! :)
From Saffron:

From Aidan:

From Ian:

From Kica:

From Kawaii as a Divina:

From Bran:

From Blinky:

From Erica:

From Ella:

Thanks a ton to Musagal for this lovely picture of my OC! :D

Gift: Angie's Season 1 gown by =musasgal on deviantART

Thanks so much to Sofia for this gorgeous picture!!!

angie alivix by ~Light-Leckrereins on deviantART

Thanks so much to Musagal for making me this drawing. <3

GA: Angie's Curix by ~musasgal on deviantART

This absolutely beatiful drawing of Angie is thanks to Timeja!!

Angie the Rabbit years by ~WinxSparkle on deviantART

Thanks so much Devi, for this amazing drawing of my OC!!

AT Angela by ~Me-Random-Thoughts on deviantART

Aw, thanks for the Friendaversary card Ella! So cute!

Thanks a bunch for this bookmark from Timeja!

Thank you Musagal for this incredible drawing of Angie in Gaurdix! So awesome :D

GA: Angie's Guardix by ~musasgal on deviantART

Thanks a million to Saffron for this amazing drawing of my Winx OC, Angie!

Thanks for the Valentine picture, Timeja!

Thanks to Sofia for this awesome gift!

Thank you all for your wonderful birthday wishes for AWW's 2nd birthday!
From Pann Pyai:

From Ella:

Thanks so much to Sofia for these beautiful wings, made especially for my OC Angie!! They're gorgeous!

Thanks for the Christmas gifts, guys!
From Jenna:

From Ella:

A big thanks to Kelly for this sweet gift!

Thanks SO much for the birthday cards you guys! I LOVE them! :D
From Pann Pyai:

From Analadygaga:

From Devi:

From Pandora:

From Ella and Stellabigfan:

From Kaila:

From Kelly:

From Erika:

Thanks so much to my sweet friends who made me these cards for Angela's Winx World's 1 year anniversary! They are all so beautful!
This one is from Cassidy! So sweet!

This awesome card is from Ella, Katie and Jordan!

This beautiful card is from Nawshin!

This amazing card is from Pann Pyai!!

This really sweet card is from Pandora!

Thanks for this rockin' card Cristi!!

This awesome friendship picture was made by Jinna! It's so sweet, I love it. :D

These GORGEOUS pictures were made by Grace! I love them so much!! ^_^

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