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Here I will post questions that I am frequently asked as well as other tips for web design and such.

Q:Why does your site not have .blogspot or .webs at the end of the address?
A: I do not use Blogspot or Webs, or any other free web-host. I use godaddy.com as my web host. Using GoDaddy gives me the freedom to choose from a plain old .com, .net, .biz or .us. The only drawback to this is I have to pay for it. Fortunately it is not very expensive, just $17 to join and $10 per domain name per year. Although another upside to using GoDaddy, is you have more freedoms than when you use Blogspot. You start your site from scratch and build it up from there - you can make it absolutely any way you want!

Q: Well, I don't really want to pay for a site host.... what are some free services that I can use?
A: Some free web hosts that I have heard of are
www.fortunecity (you can also purchase a domain here. When you pay for it, you get more storage space etc...)
www.blogger.com(if you don't mind having a blog, this one is SUPER easy to use)

Q. How do you create moving GIFs and cool animations?
A: I use the following sites:
Lunapic - this is my favorite editor. It has lots of awesome animations and effects!
Create a GIF - this is a great site if you want a simple GIF maker.

Q: How do you get a little icon on the address bar - and what is it called?
A: This little picture is called a Favicon (Favorites Icon). The absolute best site to make one is HTML-kit there, you can not only upoad an icon - but animate on as well!

Q: How do you make your graphics and pictures?
A: I use Photoshop Elements and my G-pen F610 drawing tablet for my computer drawings.

Q: I want to have Photoshop Elements - but I can't afford it! Is there anything free that I can use?
A: I recently found out about Gimp. Gimp is an excellent program which is actually a lot like Photoshop - only arranged differently. The thing is - its free - and you can download it straight from the internet! Just download Gimp at this link!

Q: What is a good comment board to use?
A: I recommend JS Kit. Using this, visitors can choose their own username - and their own avatar.

Q: What is a good chat box?
A: Chantango is an awesome chat box, since your vistors can have their own profile and avatar!

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