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Here are stories written about and/or inspired by our favorite TV show Winx Club! If you have a fanfiction you would like to send me please email me here! Also note these are written by fans like you and it would not be nice to copy and repost them without the authors permission first - so please don't copy.

By Jenzkica

Chapter 2
Mirta, Helia, and roxy talk to fairygonda and she gives them a map that tells them where to go They go to Flora's home first Flora is at home planting her flowers, flora and another girl decide to practice together But flora transforms into winx instead of believix The girl was really controlled by trix and flora is having trouble defending her self with only her winx Roxy and them are trying to find flora, and eventually they find flora at her knees tired Helia saves her and the girl goes back to the trix Mirta wonders why she is familiar Preview: :P
Flora is relived but the girl comes back and mirta figures out who she is

Chapter 2
Part 2
this color is Mirta Flora rests at one of the biggest rose gardens Mirta was thinking who the girl was while everyone else talked The girl comes back and it turns out that shes a fairy that achieved enchantix The girl chalenges flora again Mirta figures out who the girl is but not before flora starts to lose I know who she is! you should know her when musa earned her enchantix Flora almost loses but she gets a new form: Rosix The girl was under a spell trix put on her and now shes free The girl is princess Galatea Flora mirta helia and roxy take galatea to floras home, and when galatea felt better they shared stories Galatea left, and flora decides to go with them to gather the rest of winx Preview: Layla is being held at cloud tower (the witches dont even know) The group is having a hard time getting the next winx

Chapter 3
This color is layla Layla is moved from cloud tower to the trix's secret hideout Darcy puts layla in a cell that is draining her power from lovix down to nothing The trix are using layla's power to boost their own Darcy throws layla into a secret room and tells her nothing Layla is chained to a wall Meanwhile The map tells Roxy and them to go get musa next, but she is on the other side of the universe Riven comes by and tells them there is no way to get there and that flora needs to help a whole area of wilting- flowers
Layla is drained but earns wavix She frees her self but is back to nothing Well at least im not chained to the wall Preview Roxy and them have to try to get musa somehow...

Chapter 4
Musa is playing one of her favorite songs on piano on a windy but very sunny day Stormy shows up and creates a storm Musa transforms into speedix to figure out whats going on Stormy grabs musa and holds her, some how she is draining musas power Roxy and them finally find a way to musa's home planet with roxys, mirtas, and floras power They find musa but she at enchantix roxy tries to free musa Helia is missing so roxy goes to find him, it gets windier and windier Stormy tries to leave flora is desperate, it gets windier musa earns breezix Icy flies up with helia, stormy sets of with mirta instead, roxy comes back exausted but with enchantix Flora argues with musa to come with them to get rest of winx Musa agrees but helia had the map so musa gets everyone to solaria (stellas home) Preview Solaria: They are caught in a enchantix fairy dust sequence

Chapter 5: On Solaria

Roxy riven flora and musa are on solaria Galatea is doing her enchantix fairy dust while sky is watching After galatea tells them that she went to solaria and found sky but stella isn't here Galatea tells them that she was using fairy dust to get to sparks They use galatea's fairy dust to get to sparks They are at a garden and now riven decides to get bloom first since she will be easier to find They split up galatea and sky roxy and musa flora and riven
Roxy and musa go to blooms castle Mirta and helia are being drained too Trix has defeated all of magix

Chapter 6: Bloom's castle
Trix throws helia and mirta in the same cell as layla and they are being chained and drained Layla sets them free but since darcy was controlling the cage before icy took over and it started to get really cold Helia is having a really hard time
Roxy and musa try to enter through the front but has to go through a window on the second floor instead Roxy and musa cant find bloom and no one remembers them Bloom is in her room styling her hair and she hears them Roxy is battling a guard while musa is trying to find bloom Musa doesn't find bloom so she is back and finds roxy beaten Musa defeats them and bloom comes and musa tells her everything
Darcy and stormy are at magix and have decided to take over they controll the leaders and corrupt everything else including brandon Timmy sent a message to them then is corrupted
Bloom finds out that magix was taken over and is shocked Icy somehow got flora and riven to do what she wants Flora and riven found bloom roxy and musa They fight and musa losses Roxy got an incomplete believix and Flora gits bloom Bloom gets flamix Flora and riven are set free Preview
Trix have done something to galatea and sky Stella is downtown at a party Getting stella will be hardest one yet

Chapter 7
Roxy flora musa bloom and riven search for galatea and sky They found out that trix took galatea and sky to help them take over tides(andros) Roxy flora musa bloom and riven are in a big city Riven somehow teleports the map to them and it tells them that stella is in the city
Stella is at a night club downtown dancing and eating She forgot about winx and is having too much fun
Layla mirta and helia are barely surviving in icy's prison ---------
Roxy flora musa bloom and riven spread out to search for stella Roxy found herself downtown and a gang of gothic guys showed up and try to steal from her Roxy earns complete believix and uses super wings power to get away Musa is at a street performance bloom is looking at a clothing store flora is at the community garden riven finds the night club
Riven sees stella but stella doesn't see him since she is partying like crazy Roxy found riven and they agree to go inside They go to stella and try to talk to her Stella doesn't remember who they are and transforms into winx and attacks them Riven thought she had believix and roxy realized that lucy had bought the club and let trix take it over and it drained stella's power
Bloom musa flora are lost Riven roxy cant get stella Trix takes over andros Lucy arrives at the night club

Chapter 8
The trix are ruthless they took over magix and andross and are moving on And they crushed layla mirta and helia who are knocked out
Everyone in the club are chanting fight! fight! Stella beats riven up and throws him into a table Roxy gets scared but lucy enters at that moment Since stella broke almost everything lucy collects money from everyone to pay for it Roxy doesn't have any money so lucy throws her out
Musa flora bloom are wandering around sparks they see what trix is doing Flora realizes what happened to roxy so she searches for her
Roxy tries to go in again but cant Stella is asleep on a chair Lucy walks out and begins calling trix but roxy attacks her Roxy is starting to lose but stella wakes up and slowly walks out Roxy is shouting to stella to help her but she is too sleepy and stubborn Flora comes and takes lucy on while roxy tries to talk to stella Stella doesn't listen and falls....... .......after earning shinix Musa and Bloom found them
Lucy is still willing to fight Roxy tries to wake stella

By Saffron

It was a bright, summer morning, the sun shining with a golden light. I was in the living room, playing 3D computer games on Tecna’s laptop. “Hi, Saffron!’ Tecna said coming into the room, combing her hair. “Don’t you have anything else to do?” I just stared at the computer screen, and switched it off. “No, I don’t.’ I replied, admiring my long brown hair. I got off the couch, and walked out into my room. “Girls!’ A voice called. Suddenly, Roxy ran swiftly past me, calling the other girls. Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla bolted into my room, trying to get Roxy to calm down. “What is it Roxy?” Bloom asked. “I just used the white circle to see what the Wizards of the Black Circle were doing, and their coming here!” Roxy replied. ‘Oh, no!” I cried. “What are we going to do?” “Were gonna defeat those creeps for good!” Musa said. “Come on girls!’ Stella said. “LETS GO!!!










We then suddenly transformed into our Believix with a flash of light. I wore a short golden dress with long wavy brown hair decorated with gold flower clips. I had long golden boots, and my wings were silver, gold and yellow swirled together. My wings fluttered, and we transported with our Zoomix, disappearing.

We arrived in a forest with many tree’s and a stream of cool water, a place where the Wizards of the Black Circle used to capture fairies’. I knew what they wanted. My wings and Roxy’s white circle combined to gain full power over the universe. We had to be ready. Roxy and I were the only ones who could affect the wizards, so the other girls just used their shields to protect us. Suddenly, a wave of negative energy vibrated through my body. I knew what that feeling was. The feeling of danger. The need to fight and protect my friends. I turned to look behind me, and I spotted Duman as a wolf. He growled, showing razor sharp teeth. He pounced, and I made a gold shield appear in front of me. “Enough Duman!’ Ogron ordered, and appeared from the shadows of the trees. “Ah, the Winx.’ “I knew you would get our signal.’ He smiled, his red hair overlapping over his face. “Now, Saffron, would you be so kind to give us your power?” He asked, turning towards me. Bloom looked prepared to attack, like she knew what Ogron was thinking. “Never!’ I answered, and shot a ball of light at him. He lifted his hands, and absorbed my power. “Huh?” I said in shock. Why didn’t that affect him? “Stupid fairies…’ He laughed. “You know that you can’t hurt me.’ “I’m invincible!” “Not on my planet!” Roxy shouted, flying up in the air. She formed a green sphere in her hand, shooting it in Ogron’s direction. Suddenly, Anagan ran in front of him, and taken the damage. It didn’t do anything at all. Gantlos, who happened to be nearby, clapped his hands together, letting a wave of purple light hit the girls. His dark blond hair blew in the direction of the wind as he flew up into the air, trying to hit me with more rays of purple light. I dodged his fierce attacks, and decided to aim at Ogron. “Musa and Layla, you handle Gantlos.’ I said. “Flora and Tecna, you take out Anagan.’ “Bloom and Stella, you get Duman; Roxy and I will go for Ogron.” All the girls started throwing large balls of light, fire, water, and sound. I was trying to hit Ogron, but it seemed impossible. Suddenly, all the girls except Roxy and I were covered in a shadow and fire. They all fell to the ground, struggling to move. Ogron was doing this. He was using half his power on the other girls so he can get to me. I did not know what else to do but fight. I turned towards Ogron again, and blasted him with a golden fire. It seemed to hurt him, but not much. Roxy did not give up, she just kept firing. Ogron then attacked me with a dark shadow. It gripped onto me, and I could not escape. I noticed that Roxy was on the ground too, and I knew our live where going to end. We would fail. Fail all the humans on the earth, and the imprisoned fairies desperately needing us. I cried out in pain, as the darkness traveled to my heart. The shadow suddenly threw me to a tree trunk, and I managed to get up, seeing all four wizards in front of me. Duman’s spiky red hair made me feel uncomfortable, and the stinging pain rose from the long cut that was down my arm. Thick red blood oozed out, making me shiver. “You know you can’t win.” Duman said, teasing me. “You’re just a freak.” “A stupid little pixie….” I got furious then. My eyes grew scarlet red, and I fluttered into the sky, a golden sphere erupting from my body. I lunged forward, and my power exploded into fairy dust. I then fell back to the ground and drifted off into sudden darkness…..

I then awoke, mesmerized. The Winx were surrounding me, and I was in my fluffy yellow bed. “Are you OK, Saffron?” Layla asked me. “Yes,’ I muttered, still half asleep. “What happened?” “You made the Wizards escape, which is still bad, but we’ll get them next time.” Flora said, her voice very low. “You should get some rest,’ Layla suggested. “You need it from the tiring battle.” Then the girls walked out of the room, Roxy still by my side. “We’ll get them, someday.” She said, her eyes bright. “Yeah, I guess so. “Well, goodnight.” Roxy then left, her dog Artu following. I then lye there for a while, and fell asleep on the bed, dreaming……..
Battle of the Smithsonian
By Thorn

Part One
This is where Tecna comes to the Smithsonian in Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. Bloom is a Smithsonian guard at Day. Tecna is a Smithsonian guard at Night, she's got Bloom's keycard. Ogron is Kahmunrah, and his troops were frozen during the battle. Tecna gets the golden tablet in Battle of the Smithsonian with the spear. When Tecna reached the golden tablet when she's the Smithsonian guard, Ogron comes back to life as Kahmunrah. Tecna gets help from Helia as General George Armstrong Custer, Flora as Amelia Earhart, Musa as Cowgirl, Layla as Roman Knight, Stella as Sacajawea, Timmy as The Thinker, Brandon as Theodore Roosevelt, Palladium as Tuskegee Airman, and Griselda as Tuskegee Airwoman. Musa Cowgirl and Layla Roman Knight are small people just like Jedediah and Octavius. Ogron gets help from Duman as Ivan the Terrible, Gantlos as Napoleon Bonaparte, and Anagan as Al Capone.

Ogron: I am Kahmunrah, and I have come back to life!
Tecna: Yeah, welcome back. I get it.
Ogron: Take to something.
Tecna: I should introduce you guys to the giant squid.
Ogron: Okay. Ahh!
Tecna: While the giant squid getting everyone's attention, I should grab that tablet and run for it!
Ogron: Get her! She's getting away!
Helia: Perhaps you could use a little help here. I am General George Armstrong Custer.
Tecna: All right. You could help me?
Helia: Hop in.
Tecna: All right, hang on! Do we have a plan?!
Heila: There is no plan! We'll have a plan later.
Tecna: Oh, right. We'll have a plan later.
Helia: Here we go. Yee-haw! Oof!
Tecna: Oops!
Flora: Perhaps I could help you.
Tecna: Hey, out of my way! Who are you?
Flora: My name is Amelia Earhart. What's yours?
Tecna: I am Tecna.
Flora: Okay, Tecna. I am here to help you, with the tablet you got here, we have all come to life, that's why we are exhibits. Are you an exhibit?
Tecna: No, I'm not an exhibit, I am a real girl as a night guard.
Flora: You're a real girl as a night guard.
Tecna: We're trying to escape from the evil pharoah, Kahmunrah.
Flora: I get it. You're trying to escape from Kahmunrah, when you got the tablet.
Tecna: Uh-oh. Here comes Kahmunrah's troops! We better try to escape right now!
Flora: Quick, get in the picture frame!
(Flora and Tecna gets in the black and white picture frame)

Part Two
If Tecna was in Night at the Museum, she would have to wear female museum guard clothes, the female museum guard clothes are black high heels, blue skirt, and blue top and jacket, she also has a flashlight. In the final part, Tecna pushes Ogron into the Underworld. (Flora gets the Underworld door open, Tecna grabs a hold of Ogron and hold him with right arm, and her flashlight, and the Underworld door opens)
Ogron: (to Tecna) What are you?
Tecna: I'm the night guard. (pushes Ogron in the Underworld)
Ogron: No!
(Flora closes the Underworld door, Tecna puts the flashlight back in the holder, and everyone cheering)
Palladium: Victory is ours!
Griselda: That's the way to do it, Flora and Tecna! Uh-oh, check what time it is, Tecna.
Tecna: Oh no, we've got an hour until sunrise. Come on boys and girls, we've got to get back to American Museum of Natural History.
Musa: Are you crazy, Tecna? They don't want us there anymore.
Tecna: Well, we're getting you all back where we all belong.
Flora: I'll give you all a ride home.
Griselda: Wait, before you all go, do you all know what this is?
Helia: The Battle of the Smithsonian!
Flora: Now let's get you all a ride home.
Palladium and Griselda: Goodbye, we'll miss you all.
(Flora flying Amelia Earhart's plane with her friends inside from Washington, D.C. to New York City, New York)
Flora: Here we are, back where you all belong.

Join the Club
By Kaila

Chapter 1
Who's that Girl?

The Winx club explored a park only to discover a little girl as a fairy! The little girl has a colorful hairband with a pink heart and a pretty colorful dress with sandals she has brown wavy hair with a few curls and is tan with thin lips and is tan . The only thing she has is a colorful umbrella and a matching shoulder bag. The girls asked her if she lived on earth. The girl said to them "no". Bloom was thinking. In her mind she know that the girl is not living on earth really. But on a different planet. The girl said that she is half joylander and half human her father is human but her mother is same to her. The girl said " I am Madisson."

The Attack of the Devil Kirby
By Kaila

Devil Kirby: DIE!
Ms. Fail: *Grabs Megabuster* Crashman you save Kaila while I kill that hideuos devil!!
Crashman: Let's GO!
Me: *A big flash appears and Mike Kirby appears* HUH?!?
Devil Kirby: *Ms. Fail throws a bomb on him* PUYU!!! I AM LOSIN" HEALTH!!
Me: *Throws a dagger on Devil Kirby* It did not work!
Cosmo and Wanda appear.
Cosmo: What is that thingy? *Pokes Devil Kirby*
Wanda: It is a DEVIL VACCUME PINK GUY!!!!!
Cosmo and Wanda wave thier wands to hide.
Crashman: What!?! Losin' health losin' health!
Kirby ( the real one ): *Sucks one of Ms. Fail's Ninja Star and turns to Ninja Kirby* YEAH I AM THE BEST NINJA EVER!!
Hamsterveil and a Human Turkey appear
Human Turkey: Oh.... Were in a portoral palace!!
Hamsterveil: Now this is the time to show I am the smartest person ever!
Kirby notices the Human Turkey and chases it in several locations. Finally back on the portoral palace. Kirby Transforms into Chef Kirby and cooks the Turkey Yay!
All exept human turkey who died:Turkey I want 1!
Kirby has one choice: To give his greatest friends the Turkey. So Kirby gave the turkey to Me, Ms. Fail, and Crashman in his form Selling Kirby.
All the unserved characters: Awww. We can't cook like that!!! I want one! *Cosmo poofs up a turkey which is not delicous as the credits roll*
We can't eat that!
Kirby appears and gives them a giant boiled egg. Which hatches into a Turkey.
The Winx missed the party.
Roxy: I want to eat! I am starving.
Stella: Well let's have a party in my room.

Tecna and the Virus
By Kaila

One day, on a sunny day. Tecna woke up to make more pictures in her laptop and she saw a message called '' Wish Come True!!!'' Tecna ( Mad ) '' Err... another virus '' she closed the window. And scanned using her Anti-virus. A window again appeared saying '' No Virus Sensed. ''. Tecna ( Angrier ) '' Damn it! '' She tried to calm down. But She came inside the computer! '' I don't havve powers?!? '' She said. Then several windows appeared. They call themeselves the BataWindows! '' It was our perfect plan! To trap all the technology-lovers here in the digital world! '' The BataWindows gang said. Tecna was shocked in horror. BataWindows opened a wall of a blank canvas and takes out a pencil. '' Let's get Started '' Magician said. Magician drew a big shelf full of chemicals. Dark Knigt said '' Now we'll mutate you! ''. Great Dragon ( Not in the Winx Club. It is a virus ) said '' With our unlimited viruses! An we'll turn you into virus-human hybrids! '' Tecna replied '' Just never let a program hunt you down! ''. Magician said '' No! We destroyed every Anti-Virus being! '' and stole your powers! * Draws a code in a canvas *. '' Now Listen To Me and Obey my Rules! Make me take over the digital world of Technologix Star! Let our Mirror world be free for our program folk! '''. Everyone got Paralized and Hypnotized. Except for Tecna, Timmy and Digit. But they pretended to be paratonized ( Hypnotized and Paralized ). But Tecna became brave. She attacked Magician. And the others freaked out in horror of Magician has been in front of the hypnotisim wheel. After the three were now paralized. Tecna and her friends went out of the laptop. As well as the others. And tested the computer. No virus! And then Musa appeared to say: Hi Tecna. Sorry for disturbing you. I really need your help to use Mario Paint Composer. Tecna and Musa leave into Musa's computer. Then Magician Appears Waving Saying '' Bye!!!! ''

Promised Love
By Devi

Chapter 1

“Musa! Get up! Get up! Hurry! We have visitors coming! Get up!” After no reply, he just put his hands on his hips.

Musa tried smiling before she got out. Although she tried her best, it just wouldn’t work out.
“Magic! I can put a spell on Dad then- no. No magic. I’ll just act sleepy.”

Musa walked down the stairs and pretended to yawn. As she walked down the stairs she bumped into her father, who face was filled with .pieces of pancakes.

“Ahh!” Musa screamed when he turned around with a fork and knife pointing up and at her in between. She almost fainted when he pointed his utensils at her and stopped. The dropped his arms down slowly.

“Ahh!” He screamed after she screamed. “What are you doing with your pajamas on? You’re supposed to be dressed. Musa please get dressed.”

“Ughh. Whatever.” He gave her that evil look. “Fine.” “I wonder who it is. Winx!!! It has to be them. Ok so I shouldn’t wear a dress, defiantly no baggy pants! I’ll just be normal. Tune! Get up. Get dressed! The Winx Club is gettin’ back together again!”

Tune got up and she dressed herself slowly, she had been cleaning Musa’s study desk the day before. Tune knew what was gonna happen, Musa’s father told her to keep it a secret.

Hmm.I have to keep it a promise. But if Musa figures what it is, we won’t be together. But, I have to tell Musa. She just doesn’t understand what she’s going up through. All her life she has been going through al these problems, now with Riven in her mind, she won’t stand up against this major problem! Oh dear!

Ting Tong! The doorbell rang. Musa slid down the staircase rail and skipped to the door.

“Hi darling! You must be Musa”said a woman. She was wearing a pinkish and whitish short skirt with red shirt. She was standing next to man dressed in a light blue suit.

“Yeah, I am. Come on in.” She didn’t want to be rude, but she was curios to know who they were. “Excuse me, do you mind telling me who you are?”

“Why Hun, were your match-makers! We’re here to get you a groom!” said the couple proudly.

“Www…what! Ahhhhh!” Musa was indeed shocked!

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