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Angela's Winx World turned 2 years old on January 12, of 2011 - and I would like to thank you all for your love and support by hosting this new art contest!
What you do:
1. Create a new transformation that you can imagine in season 5. Draw it on ONE (1) of your favourite Winx club girls OR Trix, and be sure to tell me how you earn and use the transformation! You may put more than one character in the drawing, just be sure to limit your entry to ONE (1) picture.
2. It can be traditional, or digital art - any way you like best, as long is it is your own work!
3. Send your finished work to me here
Please send me your age along with your work - judging will be based on the artist's talent. This contest is worldwide, so be sure to enter, and tell all your friends! All art, info and ideas must be your own! Stealing is very much prohibited, and will get you banned from the contest. Please make sure your work is all-age-appropriate, otherwise it will be descarded and left unused in the contest.
This contest runs from January 12th to February 12th, with judging on that day. Also, the winner will be notified soon after.
Shown above, the beautiful Bloom, Mini Believix doll! She is new in package and comes with an extra pair of wings (Speedix!). Also included is a sparkly blue stand!
Entries can be seen here.
Please consider entering, and be sure to tell your friends!


Summer Scavenger Hunt!
Well, summer is nearly here - and that means a lot of things for me. First of all, SCHOOL'S OUT!!! Secondly, I will be turning 15 on June 14th (less than a week away! YAY). Lastly, Angela's Winx World now has a brand new design in honor of our favorite season!
Added to those, a couple of special things have happened: the first being, I have now achieved my goal of 500,000 hits on my site (Already up to 528,293 - I was late..... sorry)! Anyway, thanks so much guys! PLUS I now have 33 followers on my blog! In honor of this awesome summer, I will be having a new CONTEST! This isn't any old contest though - this is a Summer Scavenger Hunt (with a prize!)! Details below!

I had some trinkets from the ocean that I had gathered together - but they were scattered across my site! I need you guys' help to find them! Fortunately, I have a list of the things you need to find below:

They could be anywhere on my site - so be sure to click all of the pages! Keep your eyes peeled though, some of these things are small. Whenever you find something, save it to your hard drive and keep it safe. Once you have found all of the items email them to me here
. If you can find all of the items - you will be entered into a drawing for an awesome prize!


Angela's Winx World is one year old!!!
I really can't believe that my site is now 1 year old! What's even more amazing is that I have had nearly 300,000 visits in that time! I can't thank you enough for your support - I couldn't have gotten here without you guys! To celebrate this great year, i am holding a contest, below are the deets!
Competition: Draw you very own Winx character! You can make her a Fairy or a Witch - whichever one you like! Here are the details you will have to send with your drawing: Name, Orgin, Power and favorite color! If you are a boy, you can make a specialist with all the same information - only instead of power, send in your weapon!
Rules: You can be any age to enter. I will judge the artist's drawing ability. Please send in approprate art - otherwise your entry will not be valid in this contest. You may do a sketch - or a computer graphic - whichever one you prefer. Please only one character per person. :D You may draw your character in normal, Winx, Enchantix or Believix - or all of them - but just one character.
Send me: Please send your artwork along with the character's name, origin, power/weapon and favorite color, your email address and your age.
Time: January 16th, 2010 - February 16th, 2010. That gives you one month time. All entries must be received by the ending date before midnight.
Send to: Please send works to Angela.
Prize: Two English Winx Club comic books. One of them is entitled "A Friend for Bloom" and is issue #4. This issue also comes with two awesome braclets for you! The other comic is entitled "The Boys from Red Fountain" and is issue #3. This issue comes with a pack of collectable Winx Club trading cards! Both issues come with a bonus trading card, fun ideas for you and your friends to do, Fairy Horoscopes and, of course, an exciting story about your favorite Winx characters! Check out the images below!

This contest was SO hard to judge! There were a LOT of fantastic entries which made it difficult to choose a winner. I did choose a winner and the winner is Pann Pyai! She did a splendid job on her fairy's clothes poses and wings! I think it turned out looking adorable. XD Her drawings are below:
Name: Pann Pyai
Origin: Helsoria
Power: Jewels
Favorite color: Yellow



Here are the honorable mentions!
Artist: Analadygaga
Name: Analadygaga


Artist: Kate
Name: Anya
Power: Water
Origin: Aquaria
Favorite colors: Blue, yellow and pink



Artist: Venissa
Name: Kella
Power: Water
Favorite Color: Blue



Artist: Gamercatgirl
Name: Princess Melanie
Power: Time
Origin: Khronos
Favorite Color: Purple



Artist: Cassidy
Name: Cassie
Power: Rainbows
Origin: Rayopia
Favorite Color: All

Artist: Saffron
Name: Crystal
Power: Jewels
Origin: The Kingdom of Jewelix
Favorite Color: All

Artist: Jemma
Name: Dara
Power: Vines
Origin: Defeltia
Favorite Color: Auburn

Artist: Ado*K
Name: Dawn
Power: Sun and Moon
Origin: Luniton
Favorite Color: Yellow

Artist: Winxrulez
Name: Diana
Power: Stars
Planet: Staria
Favorite Color: Purple

Artist: Emily
Name: Gaile
Power: Wind
Origin: Metra
Favorite Color: Yellow

Artist: TnTwinxgirl7
Name: Kelly Lovewell
Power: Rainbows
Origin: The Land of Sherrybubblecolour Spectrums
Favorite Color: All the colors of the rainbow

Artist: Kaila
Name: Kimmy
Power: Winx Puff - anything she loves
Favorite Color: Random

Artist: Pandora
Name: Pandora
Power: Music
Favorite Color: Black

Artist: Mimi
Name: Rosey
Power: Love
Origin: Cuori
Favorite Color: Pink



Please enjoy my GRAND OPENING CONTEST!!!
What you do is draw a picture of your favorite Winx Girl or Trix (or any other Winx Club character you like.)
You can be any age to enter. Pieces will be judged due to the competer's talent ability. Any artwork must be appropriate, if not it will be discarded adn you will be banned from the contest. Also the artwork MUST be your own. Please no computor designs. I will only take paper drawings for this contest, sorry! Also note, you may enter as many of your drawings as you like! Also, please send me your age along with your art.
Ending date:
Pieces must be received before June 14th.
Please send your drawings to Angela. Also you may email me if you have any questions or comments!
ONE (1) Winx Club comic book, issue #4, 'A Friend For Bloom'. The comic comes with two FREE bracelets for you! Also included is a scented Winx Club trading card!

Comic Book:


Trading Card (Not necassarily this specific one though!)

June 14th, 2009
Today is the end of the contest and the pieces were beautiful and it was hard to choose which one would win! Well, the winner is StellaSolaria from Winx Fairies Blog. Her drawing of Tecna in Believix is the winning piece. You can see below the rest of the gorgeous drawings.

Winning Piece by StellaSolaria from Winx Fairies Blog

More From StellaSolaria

Pieces by GraceQute! Those Japan style drawings are so awesome!

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