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Please enjoy these bookmarks I made. Now, you can primp up your books with your favorite Winx character!! I suggest that you either print them up on "card stock" paper (it is thicker then your regular everyday paper - you can find it at pretty much any office supply store and even at you favorite discount stores). Or you can easily get some thin cardboard from a cracker box that your Mom threw in the recyle sack to glue to the back, that way they are stiffer. :)

These cool bookmarks are from Kinder Magic!

Check out these awesome bookmarks from the official site 4Kids! You can even punch holes in the tops of the bookmarks and tie a ribbons on them!

These awesome money bookmarks are courtesy of Jinna! How fun!!

These gorgeous bookmarks are courtesy of Timja!

Thanks to Cristi P for these awesome bookmarks!

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