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Name: Princess Bloom
Power: Dragon Fire
Origin: Planet Earth, but originally from the planet Sparx. (Rai: Domino)
Birthday: USA Version: January 27th
Rai Version: December 10th
Fairy Sign: Dragon
Age: 1st Season: 16
2nd Season: 17
3rd Season: 18
4th Season: 19
Personality: Friendly, Loyal, Affectionate, Creative, Determined, Stubborn
Hair: Long (nearly waist length) Fiery orange
Eyes: Large and sky blue
Favorite color to wear: Definitely loves to wear blue!
Fashion style: Casual - but cute. She likes to be creative with her clothing and is willing to accept other's opinions.
Favorite kinds of shoes: Comfortable - but stylish too
Mom: Foster Mother is Vanessa, but her real mother's name is Miriam.
Dad: Foster Father is Mike, but her real father's name is Oritel.
Siblings: Her older sister from Sparx; Daphne
Best Friend: Stella
Bonded Pixie: Lockette
Pet: Kiko the Bunny and Belle the Lamb
Boyfriend: Prince Sky
Favorite Saying: "Earth Girls Rule!"
Favorite Color: Blue (Red according to Rai)
Favorite Animal: Bunnies!
Favorite Spell: Dragon's Flame
Favorite Subject: Potionology
Favorite Music: Pop
Favoite Movies: Fantasy (Romatic comedy according to Rai)
Favorite Food: Extra Cheesy Pizza
Favorite Hobby: Reading books about spells
More about Bloom
Introduced: In Season One, the First Episode, "It Feels Like Magic"
Charmix: Earned in episode 46, "The First Charmix", earned it by coming up with a great idea to save themselves from falling out of a skii lift.
Enchantix: Earned in episode "The Island of Dragons" by going to an island of dragons and doing an ancient meditating method taught to her by Mya.
Lucky Charm: Unkown



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