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Winx Club the Show

The show, Winx Club was first made in Italy in 2004 by Iginio Straffi and producd by Rainbow S.p.A. It was pretty much made for ages 6-14 but even adults can be charmed by Winx Club's thrilling story line and lovable characters. There are so far 3 seasons in the US, but 4 seasons in Italy.
Season one is about a girl named Bloom who discovers she is a fairy and has powers called Winx. She gets to travel to a place called Magix, and attend a school for fairies where she meets new friends. Stella, whom Bloom met in her hometown, gardenia is a very fashionable fairy who is very bold and outgoing. The other girls that Bloom meets at school are Flora, the fairy of nature, musa, the fairy of sound and music and Tecna, the fairy of technology. Together these five fairy-friends must help Bloom discover her power of Dragon Fire, and defend Alfea from three evil witches, Icy, Dacy and Stormy. They go through many things along the way, like meeting cute guys from Red Fountain, the school for heroes in training.
In season two, Bloom and her friends meet a girl named Layla, fairy of liquid and tides who becomes part of their club. During this season they get a new power called Charmix, and the witches get a new power called Gloomix, given to them by a new villain, Darkar. Darkar desperately seeks the Dragon Fire for its power, and he tries to capture Bloom and take it from her.
In season three, the Winx Club get a new power called Enchantix which they can earn by risking their life for someone from their origin. Also there is a new villain named Baltor who gives Icy Darcy and Stormy new powers called Disenchantix. Baltor, like Darkaar is seeking the Dragon fire, among other powers to become the greatest wizard ever.
During season four, the Winx travel to Earth to find the the last fairy on Earth, Roxy; fairy of animals. During this season, not only do they befriend the fairy, Roxy - but they also discover a new Fairy transformation; Believix: Earned by getting someone to believe you are a fairy. During their trip to Earth, they also encounter a new gang of enemies; The Wizards of the Black Circle. Please visit the official Winx Club site at www.winxclub.com!

The Winx Club on Ice

Winx Club on Ice is a live ice skating tour. It features our favorite fairies as well as Carolina; the fairy of Poetry - whom the Winx have to save from Valtor and the evil witches. For more information on this tour please visit the official site: http://www.winxonice.com/eng/eng.html!

The Winx Club Movies

Winx Club, Secret of the Lost Kingdom is a 3D movie taking place sometime after season 3. It is about Bloom and her friends striving to find her birth parents as well as information about her past. Winx Club 2, A Magical Adventure takes place sometime after the first movie. Please visit the official site: http://www.winxclubthemovie.com/!

The Winx Power Show

The Winx Power Show is a live tour. This tour is not only a play - but a musical as well! Please visit the official site: http://www.winxpower.com/!

If you love the show or want to see it, head on to Amazon.com to buy the DVDs!
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