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Hey! Welcome to my website! Questions, comments, artwork, news or whatever else you would like to share, can be mailed to me at Angela. Thanks!!

Hey! Welcome to my website! If you have a question, comment, artwork, news or whatever, please contact Angela. Thanks!!
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October 28, 2011
Okay. I just can't do it. I can't close Angela's Winx World. You guys' comments are so very sweet, and I appreciate all the support - and I have decided that maybe I was overthinking the issue. Like you all said, I don't have to update it, but I can keep up what you guys know and love already. :) So, I'm thinking I will stop the News Page (but leave the archives, since all the memory-full announcements are on those pages), but leave the rest up. I may update the pages so that they all have something on them, but it might take a while, and it depends on if I have the time. ;) So... I just wanted to say, thanks for helping me not make a bad decision. I think I would have been kind of guilty to delete the site, not only because I apparently still have a following and don't want to let you guys down, but because of all the memories on here, and the time and effort I put into it. Thanks again guys, you're awesome! <3

October 9, 2011
Kay, so the Goldlist and the Gifts pages are updated! :D As for real Winx news though... I'm sure you've heard, but we've got a sneak peek at season 5! :D Check out the preview below if you haven't gotten the chance to see it yet!

Now, before you freak out about the terrible (I'm sorry to say it) CGI - according to Molly Quinn's Facebook Page as well as Impero dei Catoni this animation is not going to be used for Season 5. *Phew* I totally love the new outfits though, and am looking forward to the season to come! Check out these promo pictures with what appears to be the new transformation!

What do you guys think of the recent news? Are you pumped for season 5 for what?? :D Thanks to Una Di Noi for the link to Impero dei Catoni, and Fantazyme and Winx Club 4Ever for the Season 5 images.

And don't forget to tune in to Nickelodeon on October 16th at 12/10c for the latest Winx Special, "The Shadow Phoenix"!

September 25, 2011
Wow, it's been a long time again! XD Well, I just got the signs, avatars and OCs pages updated - so be sure to check those out! Also, I have a new poll up that I would really appreciate if you answered, because I would love to know if I need to change my site's layout. <3 Though I'm hoping that it works for you guys, because my site recently started working better on Google Chrome! (What a miracle XD)
Lastly, my computer crashed last week, so I lost my bookmarked sites that you guys asked me to link to - so if you would be so kind as to email me the links that you want on the Goldlist again, that would be amazing. :D I'll have to ask you to refrain from using the chatbox or comment board to do so though, as it's difficult for me to keep track of it. So yeah, if you don't see your site on here - email me about it and I'll get it linked to as soon as I can. ^-^ Thanks guys!! <3

August 27, 2011
Heya guys! Long time no post. ;) Well, the Winx-Fandom's been a bit slow, and I've been pretty busy lately - but I thought I let you guys know I'm still alive. ;) Most likely, you've already picked up on the latest Winx news on other sites, since they're much faster than me, so I'll just mention that the Paperdolls page and Graphics page are updated, and there's FINALLY a new poll up! XD So, talk to you guys later, and hope you had an awesome summer! ^^

June 30, 2011
Well, I have a lot of belated (but better late than never!) news for you all, much of it regarding the Nickelodeon dub! Firstly, the official Nick Winx Page has been updated with load of trailers, character bios and advertisements! Be sure to explore there. :) Next, the Nickelodeon dub of Winx Club premiered two days ago on Nick - and for those of you who weren't able to tune in, here it is!

And for those of you outside the states, WCEpisodes has uploaded the whole premiere in 4 parts! So, give the channel a click and it will take you straight to the videos!

And here is the preview for the next premiere, which comes to Nick on August 1st of this year.

Lastly, here is the official list of VAs!
Molly Quinn - Bloom
Matt Shively - Skye
Dee Bradley Baker
Susanne Blakeslee
Kimberly Brookes - Stormy
Jennifer Cody
Romi Dames - Musa
Morgan Decker - Tecna
Stoney Emshwiller
Elizabeth Gilles - Daphne
Adam Gregory
Amy Gross - Stella
Larisa Oleynik
Alejandra Reynosa - Flora
Sam Riegal
Charlie Schlatter
April Stewart
James Patrick Stuart
Kari Wahlgren
Mitchell Whitfield

June 21, 2011
Happy first day of summer everyone!!! Oi, it sure feels like last month that I set up my last layout - but in honour of the swimming season - I have yet another new layout! This gorgeous banner is thanks to Timeja, who made this for me on my birthday - and it's perfect! <3 So anyway, hope you all love the new layout as much as I do - and I hope you have a fantastic summer! Thanks for visiting! <3

As for some Winx news, I received an email today from Amy Gross' brother Jeff Gross who sent me a picture of our VA for Stella! He also mentioned that she has had guest on Moesha and Saved By The Bell: The New Class. I also dug up her profile on IMDb. :)

Please note I have not been able to verify these photos yet - but time will certainly tell when the show is released!

June 16, 2011
Three more VAs have been discovered, thanks to commenters over at Winx-Fairies! (Though they have yet to be comfirmed by the actual actresses, Molly Quinn has given out this info via her Facebook page.) According to the info, Amy Gross will be playing Stella while Morgan Decker will play Tecna. Lastly, Kimberly Brookes, according to her website, will be playing Stormy. Makes me wonder who will be playing the other witches, as well as the Specialists!

June 13, 2011
So sorry about being so inactive lately. Look at all the news that has been going around while I was gone!
First of all, check out this article on Numbers.com confirming the roles of two popular actors as Sky and Daphne!

...Bloom (Quinn) is the most powerful fairy and leader of the Winx. She has an inborn ability to sense danger, combined with a lively intelligence and a deep sense of loyalty. As the fairy of the waves, Aisha (Palmer) is fearless, determined, energetic, and a sports enthusiast. Skye (Shively) is the leader of the Specialists, a group of teenage boys from a neighboring school who befriend the Winx fairies and fight alongside them to battle evil. The fairy sister of Bloom, Daphne (Gillies), sacrifices her life in order to keep Bloom safe and sometimes appears to her sister as an advisor. And, Diaspro (Grande), a somewhat materialistic princess who can be difficult at times...

Matt Shively, from True Jackson plays Sky, while Elizabeth Gillies, on Victorious plays Daphne! Wow, looks like we've got some pretty popular stars coming into the Winx now, huh?

Next up, there is a brand new Nick trailer!!! Ugh, it's bothering me so much that I can't place voices, but here it is anyway. >>

Looks like Keke Palmer is getting excited for the Winx Club premiere! Check it out!

And lastly, we have yet ANOTHER comfirmed VA for Winx Club!! Thanks to Ella at Winx 4 Life for finding all the info!

Alejandra Reynoso!! According to Google, she plays in a few movies such as Sharing God Kid Style, but she isn't familiar to me. From what I heard in the preview though, she has a very pretty, Flora-ish voice!
Now, as for site-ish news - I wanted to say thank you so much for all the gifts you guys! You have no idea how much it means to me. <3 In order these gorgeous cards are from Saffron, Aidan, Ian, Kica, Kawaii as a Divina, Bran, Blinky Erica and Ella!! Thanks again! <3

June 1, 2011
Hey guys! I wanted to let you know two personalish things before I get to the rest. For one, I will be gone tomorrow 'till Monday - so if I don't respond on here, Deviantart, Facebook, Email etc. that's why. ;) Secondly, my birthday is coming up in two weeks!! :D (June 14) YAY!!
Now, I also wanted to link to my dear friend Devi's DeviantArt account, as she has a donation pool going on - and if you could donate that would be amazing! She's got a big, awesome project going and she needs the points for it! So, if you have some extra points you don't want, or would like to do a favour for an awesome person - then go to the link above! Thanks!!
I also wanted to let you all know about this new awesome site - with loads of fun Winx Club games for you to play! Please give the link a click and see what you think!

There are three new additions to the Goldlist -that you must be sure to visit!

Lastly, my friends Ella, Stellabigfan and I (AKA the Winx 4 Life team) have begun our own collab fanfic! Please check it out at this link.

Now, as for Winx news - I got a message from Mish telling me about her interview with Winx Club's latest revealed VA, Romi Dames!! Here is the link - there is certainly some interesting info!

May 23, 2011
Huge news you guys!!! Today, while browsing Twitter I ran across Romi Dames' recent twitter posts!

We have a Musa you guys!!!

Look familiar? You can see her on Hannah Montana as Traci!

May 22, 2011
Two big announcements for today!! First of all, we all had our ideas as to which fairy Ariana Grande would be voicing, including Roxy, Tecna, Musa and even Mirta! All had their very reasonable explanations, but as a surprise to us all - Ariana announced that she is playing Diaspro! I dunno why, but there is something about her voice that maker her perfect for the role - as I really wasn't feeling it for Roxy. Thanks to Ella, from Winx 4 Life for finding this out first!! As you can see, Ariana had several things to say about Winx today. :)

Secondly, thanks to the famous Banjogate, the Winx Club trailer is now on Youtube - so for those of you who can't see it on the Nick site, here ya go!

I'm so excited for this - the new animation is beautiful, and I'm liking the new voices! :) Enjoy!
Also, please visit my friend Kica's site, Peachygotit24!

May 20, 2011
Well, today was a BIG day for us Winx-reporters!! First off, the official Nickelodeon site FINALLY has a page up for Winx Club, along with a TRAILER!!! (With the brand new voices - including Molly Quinn!!) Thanks to Ella for finding this first! Check it out at this link!

I dunno about you, but Stella sounds a lot like Chelsea Kane from Fish hooks and Jonas. (Not to mention she looks a lot like her as well. Long blonde hair, brown eyes, bubbly personality. It could work.) And whoever had said "Yeah!" sounded somewhat like Miranda Crosgrove, in my opinion. I'm probably totally wrong, so don't take my word for it - but that's just my opinion. Who do they sound like to you?

Secondly, it looks like we have another member to the Winx Cast Club! And that would be Ariana Grande!! Thanks to Una Di Noi for posting about Ariana's post on Twitter first, shown below:

So, (as pretty much everyone else has guessed), I'm thinking she'll play Roxy - due to the long, unnaturally coloured hair. Compared to Molly Quinn as Bloom, I really don't see much of a resembelance though, aside from the hair. Ah well, it isn't up to me. ^.^ So what do you guys think of her as Roxy?

Well aside from that, I wanted to let you all know that Shayna, a frequent commenter on here, has a brand new blog with loads of fun music! Please be sure to stop by and leave a comment or two! :D

Also, (I'm sorry it took me so long to get it posted but,) on Winx 4 Life there is a huge contest going on with a Flora Charmix doll as first prize!!! Please check it out and consider entering!

PLEASE repost this flyer! We're hoping to get a lot of entries. :) Thanks!!
Lastly, the Goldlist, Fanart, OCs, Yu Gi Oh! Cardmaker, and Gifts and Prizes pages are all updated. Plus there's a brand new poll of the week - finally! XD Be sure to check it out!

May 3, 2011
Hey guys! There are some new Yu Gi Oh! Cards up, as well as several new links on the Goldlist. I'm sorry about the lack of updates latey, I've been really busy this month. Hope you guys are having a great spring! Bye for now!

April 8, 2011
Well, as usual - everyone got to this before me but - we have yet another confirmed voice actor for Nick's Winx Club dub!! And that would be singer/voice actor/actor, Josh Keaton as Baltor! (Although, apparently the Nick dub has decided on his name being changed to Valtor.) He posted his role on both Twitter and Facebook yesterday.

Credit goes to the OP, from Una Di Noi for bringing this up!

Also, Amazon has the soundtrack up for Magical Adventure in English. Be sure to take a look! Here is a sample list of the music - and I must say, they're quite catchy! :D

April 3, 2011
Here is the new Winx Club fashion-line, as well as the Pop Pixie line for the youngsters! I absolutely love the Winx Club outfits - and would totally wear them if they came in my size! Which outfit is your favourite? Mine is the black tank top and layered skirt in the first shot. :)

As for site news, I'm VERY late in choosing a winner for the Roxy art contest - but (finally) here is the winner! Congratz Tennita!! What an incredible design for Roxy's Winx outfit!

Lastly, I added a new Poll of the Week! Be sure to vote! ;)

March 29, 2011
Hey all! I'm back from a little trip over the weekend that I didn't have time to post about! (Heheh, sorry 'bout that. ^^;) And look what huge news popped up in the mean time! We now have another a confirmed voice actress for the Nick dub of Winx Club! And that actress would be Molly Quinn, from both the TV show "Castle", and Disney movie Avalon High. (Which is actualy where I first saw her.) Thanks to the Oblivious Prattler from Una di Noi for digging this up first!

(Image courtesy of Molly Quinn Central.)
She confirmed this on both her Facebook page, and her Twitter page twice. Here are the screenshots of all three. :)

And she linked to my friend Ella's site, Winx 4 Life!! It seems to me (judging by the fact that she chose to link to a fansite rather than the official site, and the enthusiasm about the show), she is actually a fan! (Unlike Keke Palmer, who seems to me like she is in for the money). Also, she seems to keep in good contact with her fans - since I commented on her Facebook page and got a reply. :)

This was apparently before she was given permission to tell her fans about her new role - but says she is enjoying it already!

And here she confirms that she is voicing Bloom! How exciting. :) As the Oblivious Prattler also brought up, I find it odd how much she looks like Bloom, and how Keke looks (somewhat) like Layla. It makes me wonder if they will make public appearances "as the Winx". I don't know about you, but I think that would be pretty awesome. ;)

March 23, 2011
I apologize about the lack of news and updates lately. The Winx World has been a bit slow lately. :) Well, non-Winx-wise - it happens to now be spring! In honour of the lovely season of flowers and greenery - I have designed a new template, featuring just those elements. ;) Hope you guys like it!!
I also wanted to mention, Angela's Winx World now has over one million hits!! 1,000,797 to be exact. :D Added to that, I am 18th place on the top site (which has a whopping 425 sites altogether!) - and have 392 fans on Facebook! Thank you so much guys - you're the best! ^^

March 13, 2011
Well, I am now having another new contest! I have decided to give the CSN giveaways one more try - and this time, I'm hosting an art contest! The winner will receive a free $45 gift certificate to any of the CSN stores! Okay, so basically CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find anything you need whether it be swingsets
, fitness equipment, or even cute cookware. So, be sure to enter today to win! Here are the rules:
What to draw: Roxy in what you want her to look like in Magic Winx! Be creative and use any colours you want - since she doesn't seem to yet have an official colour scheme. You can draw Artu in there as well if you want. ;)
Rules and Regulations: You can be any age to enter, but must live within the USA. (Sorry guys :() You must have a working address to send me your drawing, since that is the address I will send promotional code to if you win. Time Frame: Today (March 13, 2011) - 2 weeks from now (March 27, 2011).
Please be sure to enter and tell your friends! ;)

March 11, 2011
Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that there is now a site for the Winx Club Forum Magazine! By clicking the link, you can see the latest magazine (Yep! The third one is out!) - and even some sneak peeks as well!
As for site updates, thanks to Durga - we now have several new signs up! So be sure to go chec those out. ^^ Lastly, there are two more sites added to the Goldlist that I want you all to check out. Enjoy!

March 6th, 2011
Hey guys! I got some things updated today - so be sure to check out the Music page, Gifts and Prizes, Fanart, Original Characters and Wallpapers! Hope y'all are having a great week. ;) TTFN

February 27, 2011
Hello all! Sorry about the lack of posts after my trip last week - when I got home, I found that my site wasn't working, so there wasn't much I could do except wait. I found out that I had some large files on here, so after shrinking them down, my site was back up and running! Good to be back! XD SO, now for the news! (A big thanks to Una di Noi for posting about this first!) Well, I know many of you have been worried about Mr. Straffi giving too many rights to Nick - but this post on Variety reassures us that he will be staying in full control for as long as possible. Here are some snippets from the article that I wanted to take note of. (My comments are in bold).

Viacom's first indication that it had found an important partner in Rainbow might well have been that as soon as the initial deal was signed, it set off a flurry of auctions for merchandising rights to Winx toys, clothes and books, especially in the U.S. The partnership was announced in February - and I haven't seen any Winx merchandise in stores yet. =/ Could this mean rights have been bought, but production hasn't started yet?

Rainbow has always made a major effort to create properties that lend themselves to merchandising "because we had to, in order to survive and grow," Straffi says. Just goes to show that he cares where Winx is headed.

But, unlike Pixar, don't expect Straffi to sell outright anytime soon, though a flotation is "possible in a few years with me still at the helm," he says. There you go :D Mr. Straffi plans to be in full control of his series for as long as possible. ^^

Straffi is also looking forward to the May 25 opening of his Rome theme park, Magic Land, comprising attractions based on Rainbow's properties such as "Pop Pixie," "Monster Allergy" and, of course, the Winx. AWESOME! I didn't know Rainbow Magic Land was opening so soon! How exciting!

So yeah, looks like Winx Club's future is still looking bright! I don't know about you, but this makes me more eager for season 5 to come out! ^^

I also wanted to bring up sa video that has been making its rounds on the internet - apparently a snippet from the Winx Club Movie - in Rai English! Thanks to Michael's Favorites for posting about this - and Believe in Winx for uploading it! (Go to her channel to view even more snippets - as well as transformation sequences from the movie!)

What do you guys think? In my opinion, I adore the artwork - much more well done than the Barbie movies - but hey, who's comparing? It's clear Winx Club is way awesomer. XD The voices however kinda get on my nerves. Bloom doesn't sound like the Bloom we all know and love. She sounds too... bubbly, and annoying. Exactly one of the reasons I love Winx Club - the voices were normal, and frankly, real-life-person-ish. Her new voice sounds wayy too cartoon-ey - if you know what I mean. Also, her Dad sounds way too young (he was pretty funny though XD). I almost wish someone would fan-dub it now. >.< Overall though, I'm excited to see the movie - I think it's gonna be great, despite the wacky voicing. ^^

February 17, 2011
Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I will be gone this weekend. (Tomorrow through Monday.) - so I will be AFK during that time. I might be able to respond to emails via my phone, but that's about it. So, I'll see you guys next week! Have a fabulous weekend! :D
As for Winx Club News - I just wanted to post about Rainbow Magic Land's new(ish) Facebook page! I've known about it for a while now, but have been too lazy to post about it until now. XD Here are some of their pictures, showing their ogres and dragons hard at work. ;)

February 15, 2011
Well, to try and catch up on Winx Club pictures - I'm updating each Winx girls' page at a time - and today's girl is Bloom! Here are all the new pictures featuring her. :D Oh, and also - the page is cleaned up and the pictures are clickable. ^^ I dunno if I will be able to accomplish this on all the pages, since it is an extremely time-consuming process using HTML coding. =/ Well, anyways - enjoy!

February 11, 2011
Well, I know I'm one day early, but the Season 5 Transformation Contest has officially ended! I am having an unexpectedly busy weekend, so both that contest as well as the CSN giveaway are over. The winner of the Season 5 Contest iiis..... Timeja!! Although all the works were amazing, and very creative, Timeja's Crystalix really struck out to me as creative and very well drawn. So, congratz Timeja!! Thank you all who entered - you all did an exceptionately wonderful job at this contest, and I'm sorry I can choose only one winner! I wish you luck next time! Tata for now!

February 9, 2011
Well, I have changed things up a bit for the 45$ gift card giveaway for CSN, making it simpler and easier to enter. All you have to do is go to this link, or click the picture below - and it will take you to a page where you can leave a comment. There, I will take up the entries and do a random drawing - and then reply the commenter with a message saying they won. Please consider entering! :D

As for Winx Club News, the offical Winx Club site has completed their newest forum magazine, created for and by users! I liked the article about the latest Winx movie, since it's not out in English yet, and quite frankly, I had no idea what it was about. ^^ I hope they end up doing some quizes in later issues, kind of like in the official comics and some of the Winx Club books. I love Winx quizes. :)

And meet the creators!

I noticed that they have one page less than last time. ^^

February 8, 2011
Well, I have finally finished my brand new HOW TO DRAW BOOK! Since most of you liked the old one, it's similar - but with much better drawings and more info. ^^ Don't worry though, the old one is still there too! :D

February 7, 2011
Well, I've got some updates to the site - such as the Entries page, the OCs page - and the Yughioh cardmaker page. Mainly, I would like to mention that I have extended the date of the CSN Promotions giveaway till NEXT Sunday (the 13th). So, here are the details again:

Okay, so I know this is kind of random, but I got an email from CSNPromotions, and I get to do a free giveaway for you guys! ^^ I know it isn't Winx-related, but I thought you guys might enjoy something like this. However, this is my first time - so bear with me here! Okay, so basically CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find anything you need whether it be swingsets, fitness equipment, or even cute cookware - and the prize for this giveaway is a $45 gift certificate to any of their stores! (Winner will receive a promotional code) Here is how this contest works: All you have to do is send me an email entitled "CSN Entry", and I will do a random drawing on Sunday (February 6). ^^ Please note that this giveaway is only valid in the USA. Sorry! :( Thanks you guys!

February 1, 2011
Okay, so I know this is kind of random, but I got an email from CSNPromotions, and I get to do a free giveaway for you guys! ^^ I know it isn't Winx-related, but I thought you guys might enjoy something like this. However, this is my first time - so bear with me here! Okay, so basically CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find anything you need whether it be swingsets, fitness equipment, or even cute cookware - and the prize for this giveaway is a $45 gift certificate to any of their stores! (Winner will receive a promotional code) Here is how this contest works: All you have to do is send me an email entitled "CSN Entry", and I will do a random drawing on Sunday (February 6). ^^ Please note that this giveaway is only valid in the USA. Sorry! :( Thanks you guys!

January 30, 2011
Thanks to Winx Believix
for the images!!

How magical! They made the adorable (and surprisingly identical) Winx Believix wings of Bloom, Flora and Stella! How fun! I wonder if they will release Tecna's, Musa's, Layla's and Roxy's as well. I would love to have Roxy's wings. 8D
As for updates on the site - there is a new site on the Goldlist I would like to mention. It's called Magia Di Winx, and I find it quite a nice little site - and encourage you guys to go check it out. ^-^ Here's the link!

Lastly, i have updated the 'Entries' page, and the 'Gifts and Prizes' page. ^^ A new poll is up as well, if you would like to vote!

January 26, 2011
Thanks to Believe in Winx for this info. All things I would like to take note of are highlighted.

Winx Specials (4 x 60) 2011 is certainly the Year of the Winx! The recent deal with Nickelodeon heads up a landslide of new Winx activity, starting with four brand new one hour specials to launch on Nickelodeon worldwide this year. In order to bring Winx Fans up to date with the wonderful ways and going on of the Winx, Rainbow and Nickelodeon are co-producing four specials that will summarize Series One, Two and Three. The specials will be produced in 2D in the glitzy style of Series Four, with a budget 3 million USD. In Series One the Winx Club was formed by a group of close friends at Alfea College. The dynamic group discover their Fairy powers and, together with the Specialists (their male counterparts), they tackle the difficulties of life at college. Series Two sees the addition of Layla as well as the magical Pixies, who help against the treachery of Lord Drakar, bent on conquering the realm of Magix! In Season Three the Fairies are in their last year of college when they will qualify as full fledged fairies – while dealing with a whole new cast of characters and enemies alike.

I would like to bring up the third highlight first, since it is the least important. XD As I'm sure you noticed yourself, they spelled Darkar's name wrong. It makes me wonder if this was indeed Rainbow's words, or if this is a fan-written summary of all the things we have been hearing lately.
Okay, so the first and second hightlights are that Rainbow and Nick will team up to make little summary videos for seasons 1-3 - which will be in 2D style. The reason I bring this up is because of some supposedly Season 5 images making their rounds on the internet. They are below:

'Glitzy 2D style'? (Thanks to Kikurukina Bal Des-Cagel for pointing out that is looks like it might be Flash animation - kind of like Angel's Friends) Like Season 4? Season 3 outifts? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I think (if they are not fanart - which is definitely still a possiblity), perhaps they are screens from the summaries! Although, I'm not too thrilled about them changing their art to this new style, since normally you begin at something like this and work your way UP to something less... flat. :P (Chaotic is an example of this. I always thought it was so strange that they looked like moving paper and wondered why they would want to use that animation style. I was quite happy to see them go up to more of a traditional style.) Anyway, I hope this is just for the summaries, to make it quicker and easier. I really hope they decide to go back to their original style for seasons 5 and 6. =/ By the way, picture are from Olga Winx.

January 24, 2011
While browsing Ebay today, I ran across a seller named Murotoys2003, and found images of the new Winx Club Sophix, Pop Pixie, AND Mini Magic dolls! SO Kawaii! Although, the Sophix dolls are kind of a fail, considering their wings (and outfits to be honest) look nothing like they did in the show. Still pretty cute though!

As for site updates, I have a few things to mention. First, there is a new poll of the week - so please be sure to tell me what you would like to see here on AWW. Secondly, there are some new Yugioh cards up by Jenzica! Third, (thank you to Kica for telling me this), I changed the font colour on "The Wall of Shame" because it was nearly unreadable. Sometimes I don't have time to go back and check that every page is perfect, so if you find anything that cuold be changed PLEASE let me know. :D Thanks!! So anyway, fouth, and lastly, I just wanted to remind you all that my contest is still going on. It ends the 12th of February - so be sure to enter soon!!

January 20, 2010
Hey guys! I've done several updates to my site today, and they are as follows:

As I'm sure you've noticed, the Season 1 episode page has sat un-updated for a while. All that time, it has had 4Kids episodes that were deleted off the site, thus being unable to be played anymore. I have deleted those videoes, and added Youtube videos instead (4Kids AND Rai English!)! :D So be sure to check it out!

New page! ^^
Lastly, I have added a few more blogs to the blogrolls AND have cleaned up the Goldlist, as there were several unworking sites on there. I also edited the HTML, so that when you click them, a new tab pops up. So, that's all for now! See ya!

January 19, 2011
Well, the official Winx Club site has posted their first fan-forum magazine! The cover art is made by probably one of the most well-known Winx Club fan-artists, BBlova! Cool magazine, the Season 5 news page though, I have a hard time believing. Wishful thinking, I'm guessing. :) Neat articles, and cute graphics though!

And meet the creators!

Januray 17, 2011
Hello all! Sorry about the lack of posts these past few days. ^^ I had company over on the weekend, so I wasn't on the computer much. There are a few new updates here that I would like to mention... Firstly, there are four new (awesome) sites on the Goldlist - so be sure to vist them! :D Secondly, I would like to thank you for the birthday wishes for Angela's Winx World - and the lovely gifts (which are now on my site). Thirdly, I created an Entries page today - so if you have entered my contest, you will be able to see your work there! Lastly, (I know i am a day behind), I created a new Poll of the Week - so please be sure to submit your thoughts!
As for Winx Club news - I was browing one of my favourite Winx Club sites, Winx Episodios, and ran across some new doll images! There are new SOPHIX dolls, Mini Winx dolls, Jeans dolls and Fruti Dolls!! Visit Winx Episodios for the article, as well as pictures!

January 12, 2011
Well, *sniff*, I can't believix it, but Angela's Winx World has officially turned 2 years old today! We're up to over 100 pages of comments, 342 Facebook fans, and nearly one MILLION hits!! All this in two years! I can't thank y'all enough! 8D But, perhaps I can try... with a new contest!! With a prize? Of course! But not just any prize... a Winx Club Bloom mini Believix DOLL!! That's right! A new in package doll with interchangeable, glittery Wings! (Believix and Speedix!) And you can be from anywhere in the world to enter this contest - it's international! Want a chance at winning this fabulous prize? Then please enter my Winx Club Season 5 Art contest! (Click the picture below for more details!)

As for Winx Club news, this morning, I came up with a theory as to the whole Keisha thing. As I'm sure you all know, Layla's original Italian name is Aisha. How did she get the name Layla, you ask? It was changed for most of the other dubs around the world. I am wondering if perhaps Nickelodeon will try to be more unique, and change her name once again. I dunno for sure, but it seems more logical than Rainbow creating yet another Winx fairy. Plus this kind of sounds like something nick would do.

January 11, 2010
Thanks to Ella from Nick and More!, here is the article.

Keke Palmer, star of Nickelodeon’s True Jackson, VP, will be starring in and producing Ragz, a music-oriented Nickelodeon teen movie, scheduled for a 2012 premiere. Palmer will also be providing the voice of Keisha in new episodes of Winx Club, which is also scheduled to premiere in 2012 on Nickelodeon.

Wow! It's great to finally get some news, huh? Although this Keisha character... I hope she's a side character, because the Winx Club has gotten to be quite large over the years. I'd say 7 IS the perfect number, but 8 is overdoing it. Unfortunately, my friend and I have been talking this over, and there is a chance of this girl joining the club. 1, her name follows the usual sceme of a two syllobal "___a". Secondly, I have seen that many people tend to term Rainbow as racist due to there being only one African-American girl in the group. I could imagine them creating another to shed that title, and it would make sense if she were voiced by Keke Palmer. Thridly, there is a colour scheme left; yellow. I know this isn't a major reason, but who knows? Maybe there will be a transformation that involves the rainbow, and they would need yellow to complete it. Another thing is that Rainbow seems to like even numbers. IF Roxy is indeed a member of the Club, Keisha would be the 8th Winx.
I'd say that there definitely is a chance, but only time will tell.

On a different note, there are 7 new sites on the Goldlist! Please go see! Also, remember that Angela's Winx World turns 2 tomorrow - and there will be a contest! So be ready guys! :D

January 9, 2011
Hello all! I have a few Winx-based things I would like to mention today. First of all, I remembered just the other day that Angela's Winx World turns 2 years old on the 12th!!! Can you believe it?? It feels like just yesterday that I was gathering pictures, making backgrounds, and hosting my very first contest... My how time flies. I also wanted to mention to get ready, because I will be hosting an awesome new CONTEST, with a prize that you will all be drooling over. But, you can't find out what it is till the 12th, so stay tuned!!
Other than that, we have a new original character on the fan-made page! She's the one, the only RAIYLA, made by my new friend CuteKalina! So be sure to go check that out. :)
Lastly, I would like to mention that my friend Ella from Winx 4 Life now has an amazing forum! If you used to visit my old one, and miss it, then go there - because it has some of the same awesome features. :D Here's the link: http://winx4life.forumotion.com/forum

Oh! And I almost forgot to mention, the new Poll of the Week is now up, so please be sure to put in your vote! Thanks for all the votes on the last one! 76% of you loved the new design, which is good! XD Thanks again! Ta ta for now.

January 6, 2010
Hey guys! Unfortunately, there is no Winx Club news today, because it has been rather slow lately. Hopefully we'll be getting info on season 5 soon! Anyway, something I did update today was the Homemade Winx page! It's about time, huh? So, be sure to check out my latest drawings!! One more update I would like to mention, I decided to join the Topsites again, and see what happens. If you could vote for me by clicking the links below this news column, I would really appreacite it!! Thanks guys!

January 5, 2011
I was out scouting for news today, and on Magica Del Winx, found that the Italian Winx Club series, Winx Love have been republished, with new and improved cover art!

Fashion Collection for Stella
Stella really wants to win an interplanetery Magic Fashion contest, and puts all her work and effort into it. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman comes between her and Brandon.
Magic for Tecna
Tecna invents an awesome machine, but it ends up turning against her! Meanwhile, how are things going for her and Timmy?
A Date for Layla
Faragonda and Layla begin a difficult task... A magical animal, deep in the forest needs their help. Will Layla be able to overcome her fear, and accomplish any trials along the way?
Bloom at the Ball
Bloom is invited to a ball by the King and Queen of Eraklion; but things are aren't going too well between her and Sky. Will things work out between them? And will they overcome a coming threat to Eraklion along the way?

As for site news, you can check out the graphic page to see a new collage by Sofia! The gifts page has also been updated, so if you sent me a gift recently, you can most likely see it there!

January 3, 2011
Since there hasn't been much exciting Winx Club news lately, I decided to post something that isn't exactly huge news, but is pretty cool. I found this image of Winx Club raincoats and an umbrella for ages 2-9! Aren't they adorable? My favourite shade of pink too!

As for site news, I just wanted to let you all know that the Chatango box is at the bottom of the page, in case you were having trouble finding it. I have now started up the poll of the week again, so be sure to send in your vote! On the fan art page, there is a new piece of artwork by Tiffany, so go check it out! Lastly, there is a new site on the Goldlist called Magix Book. It's really neat, and has some great pictures, so please be sure to visit! That's all for now, buh bye!

January 2, 2011
Happy New Year everyone! Wow, I can't believe it's 2011 already! I hope y'all had an amazing year, and have a twice-as-great year this year!
On a different note, what do you think of Angela's Winx World's new design? I have decided to delete my blog since it wasn't much of a hit, and I never really enjoyed it as much as I do the main site. So, SURPRIISE! Winx Club news is now going to be on here! :D The poll of the week, and the chat box are here as well. I hope you guys don't mind the change too much. ^^

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